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General Links

Local Sites

Regional and Multi-County Sites

  • Chelan Douglas Trends
    The Chelan Douglas Trends website was created by the same team responsible for the Spokane Community Indicators website and has similar goals and content that are important to the local community.
  • EWU Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis
    The EWU Institute for Public Policy & Economic Analysis was created in 2002 to provide data and analysis about a variety of factors in the region that will be useful for businesses, communities and others as they plan for the future.
  • Grant County Trends
    A community indicators site containing information most important to the citizens of Grant County.
  • Indicators Northwest
    A new indicators site for Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Montana.
  • Northeast Washington Trends
  • Northwest Area Foundation
    A large site that covers an eight state area across the northern tier of the U.S., county by county, with selected indicators, comes from the Northwest Area Foundation.
  • Silicon Valley Index
    A relatively new site that has also served as a model for this version of the Spokane Community Indicators Initiative is the Silicon Valley Index.
  • The Sightline Institute
    The Sightline Institute, formerly Northwest Environmental Watch, shows sophisticated interactive mapping capabilities for a multi-state area in the Pacific Northwest, extending into British Columbia.
  • Walla Walla Trends
    A community indicators site containing information most important to the citizens of Walla Walla County. This site was developed by the same team that created the Spokane Community Indicators website.

National Sites & Consortia

  • Community Indicators Consortium
    The national group of community indicators is the Community Indicators Consortium. This is great place to explore efforts across the country.
  • Gapminder
    A worldwide data project that provides animated time-series graphs and live presentations for a variety of datasets.
  • The State of the USA
    A national indicator website which enables users to visualize progress on national trends.
  • Urban Institute
    A national clearing house site belongs to the Urban Institute, one of the leaders in the development of community indicators. It is the National Neighborhood Indicators Partnership.

Sites Specific to an MSA or City

  • Baltimore Neighborhood Indicator Alliance
    A site with an excellent focus on neighborhoods comes from Baltimore, MD.
  • Boston Indicators Project
    A model for this site has been the Boston Indicators Project, established and run by the Boston Foundation.
  • Jacksonville Community Council
    Perhaps the oldest community indicators site comes from Jacksonville, Fl, Community Council.
  • Portland Multnomah Progress Board
    The Portland Multnomah Progress Board, an undertaking of the City of Portland, has an extensive on-line site.
  • Strategic Spartanburg
    Since 1987, the Spartanburg County Foundation's Community Indicator reports have effectively used data to raise awareness about the many issues impacting the growth, health, and quality of life of the citizens of Spartanburg.
  • Sustainable Seattle
    Sustainable Seattle started in 1991 with an environmental focus but has broadened its look at indicators.

Analysis of Comprehensive Indicators

  • Informing Our Nation - PDF
    For a recent study of the scope and impact of comprehensive community indicators, see the U.S. General Accounting Office report Informing Our Nation: Improving How to Understand & Assess the USA's Position & Progress.