How Many Married Couples Live in the State Both Were Born In?

Also showing shares of married couples born in a different state, or country

by Trends Staff

The phrase describing getting married as “settling down” still refers to planting roots.

To some couples, planting roots means doing so straight into the ground. They have no plans to ever live in widely varying locations. To other couples, planting roots means they do so into a big family garden pot so they can move anywhere opportunity, family, warm weather, or where the perfect view exists.   

The U.S. Census Bureau collects this information each decennial census count, such as recently concluded 2020 Census. The Census Bureau collects householder and spouse place of birth and current residency data and digging into it reveals some surprises.

Showing breakdowns for married couples with national and individual state views to learn if one or both were foreign-born (defined as “not a U.S. citizen at birth”), and if citizens, the state of birth, and the state currently residing in, the Census Bureau has  released the analysis of more than a century of this information in a data interactive showing the answers to the following questions: What Percentage of Married Couples Were Born in The Same State, Different State, or Another Country?